About Us & Background

Conference Background

The Science of Trauma conference is the beginning of a plight to educate others about trauma and trauma healing. There is a deep need for educating the public, health professionals , students and families who are affected by trauma, directly or indirectly or in their profession, working with families who are in the midst of a crisis. Our organization of I C THAT and Blink of an Eye have found that there is an important and crucial gap and therefore a need in our healthcare and social system to support these families as well as providers. 

This gap revolves around our lack of understanding, in working with patients and families, and the huge lack of support as a family transitions through trauma and the trauma related fallout within a family after the life-changing event. This is critically evident in the SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) community and those who live and work within the course of treatment.

We feel the first 15 hours are most important, followed by the first 30 days. After this, there is a whole need for ongoing support and education. Our goal is to promote healing and an extraordinary experience for healing in the midst of crisis and catastrophic injury.

The concept of the Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy and Transformation, was born out of an organization called Blink of an Eye. Blink of an Eye and the Blink of an Eye Podcast is the mastermind of Louise PHIPPS SENFT, a local leader, moderator, mediator, lawyer, author, business owner, mom and friend who steered her family through a personal family trauma some years ago. The family trauma experience for the Senft family started with the sudden injury to the third son of Louise and Bill when he was injured in a diving accident in Cape May, New Jersey, thus rendering him a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient for life. Since this time in 2016, Louise and Bill and the entire family have realized that the support of such families in the SCI community and that of the trauma community in general, needs a more relational approach to their support. Not only do they need this support, but they need accurate information and answers on what can and should be done within the first 15 hours and then 30 days. One of our other primary goals at Blink of an Eye is to educate the health care community and to surround the community involved in SCI injury as well as trauma in general with resources to help fill this void.

About I C THAT

The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy & Transformation is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization.
I C THAT non-profit was formed in response to Louise’s and her son Archer’s experience with crisis and quadriplegia, and to the listeners of Blink of an Eye Podcast who expressed a strong desire to know more about trauma and trauma healing. Louise and I C THAT want to educate about the experience of trauma and the potential for trauma healing while also helping other Spinal Cord Injured families navigate their upside-down lives in the ICU and rehabilitation in the first 30 days from injury.

Arther Senft, Louise's Son, was the launching point of IC THAT.

Our Vision

I C THAT knows that life can change in the Blink of an Eye. We specialize in Spinal Cord Injury and Trauma Healing and want you to know you are never alone. We journey with families and medical teams through the Spinal Cord Injury trauma experience with an unwavering belief in extraordinary possibilities.”

Our Mission

We know that life can change in the Blink of an Eye and that no one is prepared for trauma or a spinal cord injury. We also know that very few medical hospitals have Spinal Cord Injury expertise. Our Blink of an Eye non-profit provides a National Resource for Spinal Cord Injury Families and Medical Teams in the first 30 days of crisis, providing hope, expert knowledge, and relational action-response support to create the greatest potential for wholeness in healing. Our Blink of an Eye offerings serve as a resource for the Spinal Cord Injury community and for anyone experiencing catastrophic injury and the impact of trauma to better understand the science of trauma and the hope and potential for trauma healing.

The Blink of an Eye Podcast

About the Podcast

Blink of an Eye Podcast is sponsored by the Blink of an Eye Non Profit: a non-profit created as a national resource to help change the way we respond to Spinal Cord Injury to include trauma healing approaches for families and medical teams across the U.S. Blink of an Eye provides a national team of SCI specialized doctors for expert opinions in the first hours of crisis, a Multidisciplinary Family Support & Navigation Team for SCI families lead by SCI families for the first 30 days of crisis, and a National Resource Library of trauma informed responses for the first hours and days after injury specialized for families, friends and SCI medical staff. Blink of an Eye also offers a Registry of Medically Unexpected SCI Recoveries. Blink of an Eye will host the inaugural conference, The Science of Trauma: Hope for Trauma Healing, November 3, 2022. To donate and find out more, visit www.blinkofaneye.org or https://events.icthat.org

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